Aayat Ali

Young Leadership


Leadership takes time.

Aayat Ali, however, is an exception to that rule.

In less than two years, Aayat has made her mark at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

And it all starts with her involvement on campus. The UM-Dearborn student coordinated this year’s Alternative Spring Break trips to Detroit, Florida, Kentucky and New Orleans. That meant recruiting students, contacting community agencies and organizing service initiatives.

Upon her return to campus, she hardly had any time to relax. In fact, Aayat contacted the creator of “Hijabi Monologues,” held auditions and directed the popular play in March.

Aayat’s dedication to student life earned her the title of “Difference Maker.”

“Thankfully, Aayat’s energy is infectious and she is eager to get others involved with her work,” said Kris Day, director of student activities. “She is transforming campus through her action, her spirit and positive energy.”

And Kris isn’t the only one surprised by how much Ali has accomplished in her brief stint at the University.

“While this is only Aayat’s second year at UM-Dearborn, she has already stepped up as a leader for her fellow students and has accomplished many great things,” said Lauren Hayes, Community Involvement and Volunteerism Center (CIViC) coordinator.

“Aayat is a fantastic asset to this campus and manages to do all of her volunteer and extracurricular work, while maintaining a high GPA. She has been a true ‘Difference Maker’ for the CIViC and for the University.”

Aayat has a couple more years of school left, but she’s beginning to plan out her future. She hopes someday to blend her passion for traveling and helping others.

“I would really love to be an urban planner in the city of Detroit,” she said. “Although, I know that urban planning has been under intense criticism in the past for dividing and conquering, I would like to unite and develop.”