Abdullateef Muhiuddin

An Agent of Positive Change


It’s great to be a Difference Maker. It’s even greater to inspire others to make a difference. That’s what Abdullateef (Muhi) Muhiuddin has accomplished as an alumnus and graduate student at UM-Dearborn. His high-energy personality motivates others while his nonprofit experience provides strategy and insight to make the campus a better place through events, meetings and overall engagement of the campus community.

Muhi enjoys being an agent of positive change, and has been exceptionally active in UM-Dearborn’s Student Government, having been elected president by his peers, engaging more than 20 percent of the student body in voting. He was instrumental in developing the first-ever campus Homecoming, and bringing to campus a meal plan program for students, too.

“My passion for student activism was primarily because I felt that on a commuter campus, one has to put in as much as they want to get out of the campus,” he says.

Muhi has worked in the University’s Institutional Advancement Office, conducting interviews with metropolitan alumni for the commemoration of UM-Dearborn’s 50th anniversary. He is widely known on campus for his past work reviving UM-Dearborn’s chapter of Amnesty International, recruiting strong student leaders to the organization. His internship with U-M’s Office of University Development opened him up to learning more about philanthropy and helping others make a difference. Muhi aspires to pursue a career in public service, giving of himself to the broader community.

He credits Farhan Latif, former director of alumni engagement, with being his mentor and friend. “He has influenced my career, my student life and his professionalism has encouraged me to always do my best,” he says.


"When you're in college, your first goal is to be successful in the classroom. After that, for many people comes family, work, and a social life. However you decide to spend your time, be sure to be mindful and respectful of those around you. Getting involved on campus is one of the greatest choices I made, just be sure to hold onto what makes you unique, your values and what you cherish. Aside from that, have a good time, make a difference, believe in yourself, motivate others & be yourself."