Abeer Yassine

2016 A Healthier Future


Abeer Yassine embodies what it means to be a Difference Maker.

“I want to help make a difference in how students experience their undergraduate careers. I encourage other students to become community leaders and help guide one another to success.”

Her commitment to campus proves she is doing just that. Abeer is an active member of UM-Dearborn’s Student Government, the Public Health Student Society and the Lebanese Student Association. She also serves as president of the Student Organization Advisory Council (SOAC), where she implemented the budget application process for student organizations and manages an annual budget of $100,000.

“Abeer has shown an aptitude at being mature, unbias and fiscally responsible and displays characteristics that showcase her integrity and trustworthiness,” said Reetha Raveendran, director for student engagement. “She is an individual who has grown into an ethical and strong leader for the common good.”

Abeer’s service to others extends beyond campus. She tutors students and volunteers at a health clinic in the local community.

“All of these experiences have helped mold me into the person and leader I have become,” she said.

Her experience in the classroom has helped her work toward her ultimate goal of building healthier communities. Abeer conducted research and analysis to determine key differences in policies between France and the U.S. that hinder or contribute to obesity. She even wrote a proposal to help find a solution to Michigan’s growing childhood obesity epidemic.

After graduation, Abeer plans to pursue a master’s degree in public health or health administration. Her dream is to carve out her career in health care administration and find new approaches to improving patient care.

“I want to operate and administer a community health clinic that provides resources, access and basic education about health and behaviors, while working on cost, quality and the overall improvement of patient experiences in a health care facility,” she said.