Alan Mardini

2014 Crunching Numbers


Alan Mardini is an enthusiastic and passionate leader.

“Alan’s enthusiasm is so infectious that he naturally falls into a leadership role and easily encourages others to follow his passion to get involved,” said Susan Baker, lecturer of accounting.

Alan is the treasurer and vice president of finance for UM-Dearborn’s Beta Alpha Psi chapter. He also is actively involved in the Finance Investment Club and a volunteer tax preparer for the Accounting Aid Society.

“I remember the first time I volunteered with Accounting Aid Society to prepare tax returns for low-income families,” Alan said. “It was a life changing experience.”

Alan helped 140 people get back more than$160,00 on their 2013 returns, which helped him earn the “Most Outstanding Student Member” award from the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA).

Helping people is his biggest passion and hopes to open a nonprofit organization that provides financial services to low-income families and individuals.

But Alan doesn’t want to stop there though. He also plans to open a own CPA firm with his father.

“Both my father and I share similar goals and interests in life, and he’s the best mentor I’ve ever had,” Alan said. “It’s my father’s dream to have a CPA firm and I want to be the one to give that to him.”