Alex Murray

2013 Inspiring Growth


Alex Murray expects nothing less than the best.

He strives for perfection inside the classroom, where he encourages his classmates to put forth their best effort.

Outside of the classroom, Alex tackles new tasks and tries to soak up as much knowledge to advance his career.

“No matter what, I don't make excuses, I get all of my work done and I do so to the highest quality,” said the University of Michigan-Dearborn senior.

That drive earned Alex a spot on this year’s list of “Difference Makers.”

Alex showcases those leadership abilities through his role as president of the American Marketing Association at UM-Dearborn. He has helped the organization reach heights and accomplish unfathomable feats during his tenure as president.

The association has reached all-time highs in fundraising, competed in new competitions, taken more members to New Orleans then ever before and increased membership under Alex’s watch.

“I love leading, inspiring and working at bringing the best out in all people,” he said.

Part of what drives Alex is the recognition from his colleagues. He understands the importance of recognition, so he tries to pay it forward to others when they accomplishment great feats.

“It made me understand that my peers and those I try to help felt like I made a difference,” he said. “Winning this award and being nominated for others has given me the will to continue going on, the want to succeed more and the realization that I can continue to make a difference.”

Chris Samfilippo taught Alex and quickly picked up on the students’ passion for marketing. Samfilippo also serves as adviser for the university’s American Marketing Association, and has seen Alex climb the ranks to president.

“Having been faculty adviser since 2009, I can say that I have never seen our chapter perform better than it does now,” said Samfilippo, management studies lecturer. “He looks beyond just getting the job done to the human element associated with the job. If you ask Alex what is most important to him, he’ll point to ‘the impact I have had on family, friends and other students at UM-Dearborn.’”