Andrew Rasky

From Athlete to Scholar


Andrew Rasky arrived at University of Michigan-Dearborn as an athlete.

He will graduate as a scholar.

Andrew, a star hockey player in high school, came to UM-Dearborn with his skates in hand.

But after two years of playing hockey at UM-Dearborn, he began to prioritize. And his first priority was school.

“My first two years really revolved around me playing hockey, and then school just fell into place,” he said. “Due to the scheduling of chemistry classes and a new job in the Science Building, I had to stop playing since I would miss too many practices. This was probably my largest ‘big boy’ decision at the time because, from that part on, my life was going to be dedicated to school first.”

Andrew’s devotion to school paid off, as he’s excelled in the classroom. It’s also earned him the title of “Difference Maker.”

But before Andrew hung up his skates, he made quite a mark on UM-Dearborn’s hockey program. As a freshman, he received the “Most Improved Player” award. In his sophomore season, he was named “Mr. Hustle.”

After hockey, he took over as treasurer of the chemistry club, a title he’s held for two years. His passion for chemistry also inspired him to participate in multiple research presentations. This year, Andrew plans to travel to San Diego for the American Chemical Society’s national meeting to present his work.

Andrew also spends plenty of time mentoring students on campus.

“Andrew is a willing mentor to those with questions, a dedicated employee capable of creative problem solving and meeting almost impossible work demands with grace, and yet is uniquely effective,” said Linda Grimm, chemistry lab manager. “I know Andrew has made a lasting impact on the work that is done at the classroom level in natural sciences and on the students and faculty that surround these disciplines.”