Anthony Wagner

Change Agent



That sums up Anthony Wagner’s college experience.

Upon graduating from high school, Anthony was set on becoming a music teacher.

That changed, however, and he decided to pursue a career in technology. But his aspiration to work in the technology field also halted, and Anthony eventually discovered his real passion – higher education and student activities.

And although Anthony has a couple more years of school left, he’s already paving quite a track record at UM-Dearborn through his campus involvement.

His dedication to inclusion and equal rights for all students earned him the title of “Difference Maker.”

“I spend my time at UM-Dearborn working to promote the most inclusive atmosphere possible, while meeting as many unique individuals as I can,” he said. “I seek challenges, am unafraid of speaking my mind and accomplish what I set out to do. This University has given me the opportunity to be who I truly am at all times, and as such, it is my privilege to give back wherever and whenever possible.”

That he does. He’s involved in Student Philanthropy Council, Gender and Sexuality Alliance and Student Government, to name a few.

“My time on campus has been invaluable, and I’m looking to continue my role as a student leader at UM-Dearborn until the day I graduate,” he said.

His campus involvement certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Anthony is an active and involved student in many different outlets on campus,” said Kristine Day, director of student activities. “As a Student Government senator, Anthony has been a vocal advocate for positive change and for questioning the status quo.”

She also commended Anthony for his work with Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

“He has used his skills to create an organization that offers the ‘social space’ that so many students want, but that also is flexible enough to be an ‘action space’ for creating change and awareness for students who need something more,” she said.