Asif Khan

Tech Savvy


Floating through cyberspace, you’re likely to discover Asif Khan’s work.

Especially is you’re looking for information related to University of Michigan-Dearborn.

That’s because Asif builds and manages websites for some of the University’s student organizations, including Muslim Students Association, Amnesty International and Student Government.

He also served as technology director for UM-Dearborn’s Unity in Diversity Dinner, considered one of the state’s largest student dinners to promote cooperation between different faiths and cultures.

His technology skills, combined with his passion for inclusion, earned Asif the title of “Difference Maker.”

“My parents and my brother have always told me that, in life, sometimes you are given a window of opportunity,” he said. “When this opportunity is given to you, it will come with no warning and it is your job to identify it and take the utmost advantage of it. My window of opportunity was given to me by the University of Michigan-Dearborn. From the excellent academics, to their hundreds of students organizations, they have given me all the tools I need to succeed in the future.”

And given Asif’s knack for technology, his future looks promising. Asif hopes to someday become a physician and conduct research on pain medicine.

He also plans to restructure how technology and medicine are integrated.

“A major issue in health care today is simply patients do not know where to find information about their illnesses and, therefore, they have to rely solely on their doctors to advise them,” he said. “I believe by making it easier for patients to use the Internet to research their diagnosis, they can feel comfortable in making educated decisions.”

Asif’s influence certainly spreads beyond UM-Dearborn’s campus.

“Asif has been a role model in our community,” said Megan Moore, assistant professor of anthropology. “Asif has demonstrated that he can help the community and the campus, while maintaining exemplary grades.”