Azarael Dunbar

2013 A Hometown Focus


Azarael Dunbar is not only committed to his future, but to his peers and his community.

Azarael is the president and founder of the MCAT club, a resource for all pre-med students to better prepare for the exam. He also takes the time to tutor and mentor students on campus.

“My goal was to lift them emotionally and intellectually to reach their peaks,” Azarael said. “Hopefully they might do the same for someone else later in their academic careers.”

Azarael has certainly excelled in his own academic career. He made the dean’s list six consecutive semesters, received university honors in 2011 and 2012, and graduated with high distinction in December 2013. Azarael also was the recipient of the Supplemental Instruction Leader of the Year award in 2013

“He is really a model of an intelligent, helpful, and honest student in an amazing way,” said Radwan Abu-Issa, assistant professor of biological sciences. “He surprises me every time I interact and see him interacting with others!”

His altruism is highlighted in what he recalls as his most defining moment at UM-Dearborn involved tutoring a fellow student who was struggling with a challenging course.

“I cannot put into words how excited and overjoyed I was when she told me that she earned an ‘A’ on her exam,” Azarael said. “It was a special moment for me, and it’s one that I hope everyone experiences during their academic career.”

Azarael has a bright future ahead of him in medicine. His dream career is to run a holistic health care clinic in his hometown of Detroit.

“He is probably the best student that I ever taught and I am impressed with everything I learned about him; I expect him to achieve great things in his career,” said Radwan.