Bradley Ewert

2014 Sports Minded


Pride. Leadership. Devotion.

These words just brush the surface of what Bradley Ewert stands for, and his contributions to the UM-Dearborn campus are far reaching.

“Brad is a prime example of how one student at UM-Dearborn can make a meaningful impact on the campus community,” said Kristin McDonough, coordinator for Greek Life.

Bradley serves on the UM-Dearborn Student Government as director of athletics, is the facilities coordinator for the Student Activities Board, and was president of College Democrats.

“I have worked with university leaders to change the face of athletics here on campus with new policies, as well as working towards increasing the budget for athletics,” Bradley said. “We also have worked to increase overall awareness and are working on new ways to excite fans about our program.”

Off campus he serves as the programs director for the Michigan Federation of College Democrats’ board, and has worked on local political campaigns.

Bradley’s professional career is just beginning though. He plans on becoming a director of collegiate athletics at a large institution in the future.

“I have always been a lifelong fan of athletics and having my brief experience with it has only kindled my fire even stronger in my pursuit of a career of working with college students and helping them reach both their academic and athletic goals,” Bradley said. “The career intrigues me because it is a new challenge everyday, and the field is ever-changing with new ways of doing business. I always like a challenge.”