Brandon Perkins

2015 Musically Minded


Music is more than a hobby for Brandon Perkins.

It’s a passion.

That passion equates to several hours behind the wheel for the University of Michigan-Dearborn student. Brandon travels from his home in Monroe to Dearborn throughout the week for class.

As if that wasn’t enough mileage, he also travels to Ann Arbor to practice with U-M’s Marching Band.

His passion for music also is evident through the formation of UM-Dearborn’s Jazz Club. Brandon founded the club, which is dedicated to keeping the rich tradition of jazz alive and thriving across metropolitan Detroit.

“As a student of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, I strongly believe that it is my job to be one of the leaders and best, on and off campus,” said Brandon, a business administration major. “Through my commitment to be a leader on campus, through being president of the Jazz Club and being involved in many other campus organizations, I am able to develop my leadership skills to use off campus.”

He utilizes those leadership skills off campus and participates in the University Partners Program. Through the program, Brandon has further developed his leadership skills.

“Nothing excites me more than to work with other young professionals from Detroit, in working together to solve problems that affect us all,” he said. “My determination to be a strong leader in this region and have purposeful impact within my community is why I have chosen to become one of the leaders and best, and also why I am a ‘Difference Maker.’”

His leadership and energy has caught the eye of many of his classmates, as well as faculty and staff.

“Every person who interacts with Brandon is better for it,” said Amy Karaban, assistant director for civic engagement. “He brings to the world a sense of humor and grace that is rare and so very important. He is a real change agent on campus and in everything he does. He is incredibly humble, so he’ll never expect to be named a ‘Difference Maker,’ but that’s just another reason why he deserves it so very much.”