Brett Jordan

Empowering Youth with Knowledge


Brett Jordan has made empowering youth his number one priority, enabling them with knowledge to help recognize and optimize their full potential.

Serving as the inaugural UM-Dearborn College Coaching Corps member, Jordan worked to set a legacy of college access initiatives for the campus, promoting college access in the Dearborn and Metro Detroit Area. The experience “has opened my understanding of what providing youth with a valuable education is all about,” he says. “University of Michigan-Dearborn has allowed me to develop professionally by providing high quality faculty, professors and resources to help me obtain my full potential.”

Jordan also spearheaded a community program called Mentors Promoting Access to College and Training, mobilizing student volunteers to serve as college resources to at-risk youth, and worked with the campus’s Opportunity Scholarship Team to support and encourage youth to pursue higher education. A college education ultimately supports the fight on poverty, he says, and the message is most effective when delivered by college students themselves.

“I have been able to provide youth and community partners with college access materials and workshops, giving them a better understanding of how to get to college,” he says.

Three mentors have influenced Jordan in his professional and academic life, including Charley Eaton, assistant director of admissions. “She has provided lots of great advice and leadership which has allowed me to better serve the student population,” he says. His pastor, Bishop Wingate, and his mother, Latanya Jordan played roles, too. “The foundational roots of God and family have kept me motivated to continue to achieve academic and professional success.”