Christopher Guirlanda

2013 Improving Tomorrow


Christopher Guirlanda is all about improvement.

So if the University of Michigan-Dearborn senior doesn’t like what he sees, he works hard to make it better.

Case in point – Eta Kappa Nu. Guirlanda serves as president of UM-Dearborn’s chapter of the electrical and computer engineering honor society.

As president, he dedicates as much time as possible to improve Eta Kappa Nu by revising its programs. That dedication to improvement earned Guirlanda a spot on this year’s list of “Difference Makers.”

“Through Eta Kappa Nu, I set time to improve the experiences for our members,” said Guirlanda, who plans to graduate this April. “This is accomplished through bringing in outside companies for technical demonstrations, recruiting and other professional networking services.”

Guirlanda took it upon himself to help his classmates expand their professional development opportunities.

Even with his intensive time commitment to Eta Kappa Nu, Guirlanda finds time to hit the books. That’s evident by his continued inclusion on the university’s honor roll.

Those grades certainly will help Guirlanda when he applies for graduate school. He hopes to obtain a master’s degree in electrical engineering and business administration.

Guirlanda’s impact on UM-Dearborn’s campus is far reaching, but it always circles back to his involvement with Eta Kappa Nu.

“The moment that I was elected vice president of Eta Kappa Nu was the most defining,” he said. “Knowing that most vice presidents go on to become president, I knew that responsibility was coming and I began planning for how I would run the organization. I became determined to exceed expectations through service, and doing so through improving the resources available to students by bringing in technical seminars and recruiters.”

Malayappan Shridhar, associate provost, encouraged Guirlanda to join Eta Kappa Nu and his advice, so far, has paid off.

“It is no surprise to me that he is currently the president of Eta Kappa Nu,” Shridhar said. “What is even more impressive is the fact that with his committed involvement, Eta Kappa Nu will receive an Outstanding Chapter Award for the second year in a row.”