Claire-Marie Brisson

Sharing School Spirit


Claire-Marie Brisson speaks “near native” French, is intensely interested in socio-political issues and is highly regarded as a serious, rigorous and intellectual student. But her professors say her light shines the brightest when she is talking with prospective students about her beloved UM-Dearborn campus.

As an orientation leader, she has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of new students and familiarize them with the University. She considers it an honor to help students make the transition from high school to college, and credits them with helping shape the student she is today.

She earned a spring 2011 internship at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, in the office of a member of parliament from Quebec. Her future plans include earning a doctorate in French, traveling to every continent at least once and becoming proficient in at least 15 languages.

“She recognizes that every day she walks out of her home, she represents the University in the best light,” said Caryn Reed-Hendon, from admissions and orientation. “Her excitement for her studies shines through her work, whether in the classroom or on a campus tour. I cannot say enough great things about Claire-Marie as she continues to evolve.”


"I am driven by what lies ahead in the future; for me, life is an endless quest. One strives to unlock the doors that lead to the passageways of discovery, and one should never limit oneself from the possibilities that require solving the lock or finding the key. My determination comes from knowing that I am my own best supporter, and that if I remain confident in myself, I will be strong enough to encourage others to reach their goals."