Deena Sleiman

2014 A Passion for Health


Community service is a commitment that Deena Sleiman takes very seriously. She believes helping others not only will benefit the community, but also will help her live a more fulfilling life.

On campus, she has led many initiatives to help University of Michigan-Dearborn’s campus community live a more healthy lifestyle.

“I make a difference because of my commitment and determination to be a strong leader in my community and have a meaningful impact on others,” Deena said. “As a student at University of Michigan-Dearborn, I believe that it is my job to be one of the leaders and best, on and off campus. I hope to inspire and motivate students long after I graduate.”

Deena helped establish the Public Health Student Society, where the goal is to educate UM-Dearborn students on issues regarding their personal health and well being.

“Deena hit the ground running from the moment she stepped into my office as a member of the Public Health Student Society,” said adviser and Professor Larry Radine. “What she has been able to accomplish working on different projects and making ideas become reality for her organization is truly exceptional.”

Deena’s defining moment came when she helped plan and coordinate the campus’ annual Health Care Expo.

“It was the first event on campus that I planned and it turned out to be an even greater success than I had expected,” Deena said. “Over 900 people attended the event and the expo received city-wide recognition in Detroit. It was extremely fulfilling to know that I helped provide the opportunity for those who are uninsured to sign up for health insurance and learn more about current public health issues.”

Deena plans to pursue a career in dentistry and looks forward to continuing the charge of making a difference in other people’s lives.

“Although my specific academic and career goals have grown and developed as I have matured, I have always maintained a singular vision: to pursue science, in any way possible, and use it to improve the lives of others,” Deena said. “I hope that whatever I do in the future, I can continue to make a difference.”