Diola Xhaferri

Making Things Better for Future Students


Diola Xhaferri doesn’t get involved with organizations for the sake of putting something on her resume. She strives to make the college experience of future students even better than hers.

“I remember during my freshman year that not too many people knew about the Albanian American Student Organization (AASO), and now, it's one of the most heard-of organizations on campus,” she says. “I would like to think that I was part of this change.”

Indeed, she was. Diola has served in leadership roles with the AASO and other campus groups. As AASO secretary during her junior year, she helped to organize and host the Cupid's Party—the group’s annual pageant designed to raise money for the Gjergj Kastriot Scholarship Fund. She also used dance to represent Albania at the campus’s annual Global Fest. Diola also educates current pre-law students on the process of preparing for the LSATs and applying to law school in her role as Phi Alpha Delta secretary.

Her involvement with Student Government and its elections taught Diola that even if certain things couldn't be accomplished, attempting to make things better was amazing in and of itself. “Student Government made me into someone that wasn't afraid to express her opinions, into someone who believed that we could make a difference,” she says.

Law—especially international human rights law and family law—is her passion and a dream career, one she will pursue upon graduation. “I hope to serve the people to the best of my abilities, and even if I only make a tiny difference, everything will have been worth it,” she says.


"I would tell high school students to attend UM-Dearborn not because of the U-M name, but because they will get an education like no other. I was taught by some of the most amazing professors. They cared about my concerns. The small class size gave me the opportunity to get to know them personally. With UM-Dearborn, I became part of a family that I will never forget. I can honestly say that because of the quality education that I have received, I will start off law school with confidence."