Erisaldi Lekura

Taking Charge and Solving Problems


From a young age, Erisaldi (Eri) Lekura’s mother taught him that a job half-way finished is a job not done. “I don’t wait for someone’s motivation, but rather take charge and solve the problem,” he says.

Eri is a true leader, using his work ethic and attitude to lead by example. He co-founded and led the campus’s Pre-Optometry Club as its vice president and served as president for both the Albanian American Student Organization (AASO) and UM-Dearborn’s Green Party. In addition, Eri's been philanthropy chair for his fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi, where he coordinated community service activities and events for the metropolitan Detroit region.

“Being involved in four student organizations, I was able to show new students the importance of leading and giving back to our community,” he says.

Eri earned a service learning certificate in recognition of his philanthropic contributions to the university. As part of the AASO, he coordinated numerous events to raise money for the Gjergj Kastrioti Scholarship, which allows Albanian students the ability to seek higher education opportunities. He also coordinated Mother Teresa Service Day, an event that brings more than 200 students to campus to engage in volunteer opportunities in southeastern Michigan.

Eri has accomplished all of this while working part-time, maintaining a strong GPA and making the Dean’s List multiple times.

“I lead by example because the attitude that I bring forward is my greatest asset when working in a team setting as well as providing a more optimistic view,” he says.


"Mother Teresa Service Day is a philanthropic event serving metro Detroit that I assisted in starting as primary coordinator. The event consisted of cleaning up parks, cultivated organic vegetable gardens, tutoring minors in mathematics and science etc. The participants were a variety of people from both diverse ethnic and age groups. Despite doubts that we would be unable to get even 50 volunteers, we were able to recruit over 200 volunteers the first year and 240 the second year."