Evan Belknap

Global Engager


Evan Belknap is a passionate guy.

And much of the University of Michigan-Dearborn student’s passion stems from making a difference in someone’s life or a community.

“My passion has been to gain intercultural competence through global engagement, to experience true diversity – that of culture, value system, creed, perspective and experience – and to help develop others’ passion on a personal level,” Evan said.

That’s why Evan is a “Difference Maker.”

His passion certainly doesn’t have boundaries. Evan visited Vietnam, where he participated in the Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU). He committed eight months to training and assessments, in conjunction with a 30-day, cross-country voyage from North to South Vietnam. There, he explored the dichotomy between tradition and modernity through service work in orphanages.

Those leadership skills also benefit Evan through his membership in various student organizations, including Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, Student Government and the Albanian American Student Organization.

“Since entering University of Michigan-Dearborn, I have constantly explored, cultivated and challenged myself in order to make a stronger and more long-lasting impact,” he said. “Throughout this process, self-awareness of both strengths and weaknesses has been invaluable on my path to personal growth and self-acceptance.”

His involvement and positive influence has caught the attention of UM-Dearborn’s campus community.

“He is a most generous and positive person who I am proud to have represent our Greek life community and our university,” said Kristin McDonough, development coordinator for Institutional Advancement.

Evan hopes to excel in the field of organizational leadership, so he can continue on his path toward global engagement.

“In this increasingly globalized political and socioeconomic world, it is my belief that these skills will better allow me to contribute meaningfully in effecting positive changes,” he said. “With so many forces in the world creating interpersonal dissonance, violence and discord, I hope to be part of a force supporting understanding, cohesion and conflict resolution.”