Eyad Makki

Spreading Knowledge


The environment doesn’t matter to Eyad Makki.

Whether he’s in the classroom or at work, he strives for one thing – excellence.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn sophomore’s study habits have landed him near the top of his class. Eyad’s work ethic has left his employers more than pleased.

And beyond that, he also spends his free time working on community service initiatives. That’s why, this year, Eyad is a “Difference Maker.”

“I strive for excellence in everything I do,” he said. “Academically, I strive to be the top of my class. At work, I strive to be the model employee. To my community, I strive to leave the most significant impact.”

Eyad’s real passion stems from sharing his knowledge with others as a tutor. He mentored UM-Dearborn students enrolled in calculus courses and helped them improve upon their study habits.

“My favorite experience would have to be tutoring and mentoring,” he said. “I really love helping others, especially academically. Since our society stresses academics, I try everything I can to help the people around me succeed in those areas. Working as a tutor gave me the opportunity to do just that.”

Eyad has become one of the most sought after tutors in the Mathematics Learning Center. He’s also left quite an impression on his teachers.

“Eyad Makki is one of the most outstanding students I have encountered in my 40 years at UM-Dearborn,” said Andrew Strowe, math and statistics lecturer. “He works hard, accepts responsibility, displays intellectual and mathematical maturity and is an excellent empathetic tutor.”

Tutoring is just a building block to Eyad’s career goal of becoming a college professor. As a professor, Eyad can blend his passion for teaching and computer science.

“Being able to build the generation of tomorrow, influencing great minds, truly fascinates me,” he said.