Felicia Adamczyk

2014 Leadership Sharing


Felicia Adamczyk is a firm believer that knowledge is not to be held within oneself, but must be passed on to others.

Her stance on leadership is simple: Give to those who will become leaders when she leaves.

“I believe a Difference Maker not only gains personal benefit from being involved in the university community, but also has the opportunity to inspire others,” she said. “To me, being a Difference Maker means I have been able to pass on my knowledge to those who will be leaders after me.”

Felicia strives to excel in everything she does, including academics. She has achieved many honors at University of Michigan-Dearborn, including being named to the Dean’s list and being recognized as a James B. Angell scholar.

She has served as vice president of the College of Business Student Advisory Board and has been instrumental in the successful implementation of several initiatives at the request of the COB Dean. She also is president of Alpha Kappa Psi and creative director for the American Advertising Federation.

“Felicia is the embodiment of a Difference Maker,” said Mike Callahan, COB internship director. “She has been active for her entire time at UM-Dearborn, has been willing to take on significant challenges, has inspired other students to achieve more and has consistently been both a pleasure to work with but also someone who can be counted on delivering to her commitments.”

Felicia credits Professor Callahan—who is one of the faculty advisers of Alpha Kappa Psi—for inspiring her to not only be a leader but to share her leadership with others.