Fjori Narazani

Demonstrating Leadership Through Public Service


In addition to serving as the treasurer of Albanian American Student Organization (AASO) and a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, Fjori Narazani has made a positive mark on the world through his involvement with Students In Free Enterprise.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE), is an international non-profit organization that encourages students to use business concepts in order to develop outreach projects to improve the standard of living worldwide. As Vice President of SIFE, Fjori developed the Prof to Profit Project (which allowed students to network with local companies), mentored for E-Academy, and helped coordinate various events on campus, including a visit from Governor Jennifer Granholm and Professional Development Week.

As a mentor, Fjori connected three students with Michael Bickers, the Executive Vice President of National City for the Michigan Market. It was a meaningful experience for all. “The students were really glad to meet him,” Fjori remembers, “and they were very impressed with his accomplishments.” When Fjori wrote Mr. Bickers a thank you note, Bickers responded by offering to donate a laptop to each student. In total, Fjori has clocked an astonishing 1000+ hours in his work with the organization, earning him a much-deserved SIFE Service Leadership Award.