Gay Johnson

2017 Pursuit of Education


Gay Johnson is driven to succeed.

She maintained a 3.9 GPA at Wayne County Community College (WCCC), where she received an associate’s degree. Her determination inspired her later to enroll at University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health policy studies.

Gay came to UM-Dearborn as part of the Honors Transfer Innovators (HTI) Program, which attracts transfer students who are proven leaders and driven to succeed.

“Gay was accepted into UM-Dearborn’s Honors Transfer Innovators Program after a successful interview and a record of excellence at WCCC,” said Professor Maureen Linker, director of HTI. “While in the program, Gay has demonstrated significant leadership and mentoring skills, working collaboratively and effectively with other students and faculty.”

Gay has been driven to succeed, both at WCCC and UM-Dearborn, by her commitment to helping others in the community. Being a health policy studies major helps her learn new ways to educate the community on current health care issues.

“What really drives me to make a difference is knowing that I have the ability with my education to help others that might not be helped otherwise,” Gay said. “I am constantly striving to maintain a great academic record and set an example for other students to help make a positive difference.”

Gay also is driven to succeed by her inspiration: her daughter, Tiara Johnson. Tiara is a UM-Dearborn student, as well, so it is important to Gay that she set an example for her daughter to follow.

“One of the biggest inspirations in my life has been my daughter,” Gay said. “Seeing her in school has been inspiring for me to want to continue my education and she has constantly supported me along the way.”