Haleigh Sluschewski

2015 Educating with a Passion


Haleigh Sluschewski always brings excitement and high energy to the table, no matter the task.

“Anyone will tell you, my excitement is contagious,” she said. “When I am working on any type of project, I give it everything I have. As a leader and future educator, I expect the same from everyone I work with.”

Haleigh serves on the executive board of her sorority, Phi Mu, which has helped her to make a positive impact on others. She also has had the opportunity to grow as a leader by taking on roles that help her influence others.

“I also was chosen to attend the UIFI conference this past summer, where I spent five days learning more about the values and the bond that ties us together,” Haleigh said. “This experience inspired me to run for membership director of my chapter and I was elected for the 2014 year, meaning I am responsible for handling and managing both informal and formal recruitment. It is my job to educate my sisters how to recruit amazing young women, whose values align with ours, to join our sisterhood.”

Haleigh’s enthusiasm hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Haleigh has truly been able to make an impact on campus with her sorority and off-campus with the work she does in the Early Childhood Education Center,” said Kristin McDonough, greek life coordinator. “She spends much of her time working as a teacher’s assistant at the Early Childhood Education Center and I believe will be an influential and valuable educator upon her graduation.”

What’s in store for Haleigh after graduation? She looks forward to teaching children with autism.

“I realized this was my dream when I was working with a young student who was diagnosed with autism,” she said. “The gains I made when working with him was one of the most touching and proud moments I have had in my short time as an educator. I knew from that moment I needed to offer my guidance, support, and love to other children with Autism.”