Hanadi Abdallah

Changing the Perception


How do you prevent the onset of an eating disorder? That is the question senior Hanadi Abdallah hopes to answer in her lifetime.

Hanadi’s goal may be lofty, but she already is making great strides. Her extensive background in teaching and research distinguishes her from others and earned her the distinction of “Difference Maker.”

“What sets Hanadi apart from other top psychology undergraduates at UM-Dearborn is her passion for research, in particular, applied research that immediately touches the lives of those in need,” said Jane Sheldon, professor of psychology.

As a student at UM-Dearborn, Hanadi has worked with UM-Ann Arbor faculty to research youth depression and suicide prevention. On Dearborn’s campus, she has studied cultural differences in aging and the role of gender stereotypes about individuals with anorexia.

“Society plays a large role in how teens perceive themselves,” she said. “I would like to minimize the backlash that teens experience when they do not fit society’s expectations.”

In addition to her research, Hanadi is a gifted scholar, serving as an upper-division teaching assistant, and an active participant in her campus and community. She is involved with Students for Islamic Awareness and the Autism Awareness student group, tutors elementary students and mentors at-risk girls at Vista Maria.

Her active involvement in and out of the classroom makes her stand out even amongst the highest-caliber students.

“As a student, Hanadi is one of the best, showing remarkable creativity and critical thinking skills,” said Arlo Clark-Foos, assistant professor of psychology. “She is also very responsible and determined to succeed, as evidenced by her outstanding GPA and breadth of extracurricular activities.”