Humayra Khan

2014 The Multifaceted Woman


Biologist. Poet. Philanthropist. Leader.

Four words that are not normally placed together but easily describe Humayra “Myra” Khan.

She’s working towards a dual degree in biology and English, awarding her the opportunity to work in a multitude of settings and becoming a leader in each one.

There’s no doubt she’s a Difference Maker.

“Myra stands out as one of the most talented leaders and has already made a large impact on our campus,” said Anne Danielson-Francois, assistant professor of biology.

From her research on spider behavior, Myra was invited to speak at the 2012 Animal Behavior Conference in New Mexico, has served as a guest lecturer in several faculty courses, and has presented to middle and high school students.

She also works as a student naturalist in the EIC and a supplemental instructor (SI) for chemistry, a “confidence-building, amazing” experience.

“That sense of having helped someone else achieve their goals is incomparable to anything else and has further motivated me in all that I do,” Myra said.

She also has a passion for helping on campus and in the community.

Myra is the president of Phi Delta Epsilon and co-founder of the League of Extraordinary Poets.

She spends hours volunteering for a number of organizations. As a nightingale volunteer for Odyssey Hospice, she provides comfort and support to dying patients. She spends time helping children from six months to five-years-old in the classroom at Literacy Education and Parenting Success.

With a year left before graduation, Myra already has big plans for her future.

“I dream of being a physician someday and using my knowledge to help heal others,” she explained. “I would love to help out in my birthplace, Bangladesh, by providing medical resources to the underprivileged and underserved.”