Iffa Kazi

Committed to the Cause


Iffa Kazi is the definition of an engaged and well-rounded student at University of Michigan-Dearborn. An accounting major with a passion for diversity and philanthropy, the impact of her work can be felt across campus.

Shortly after arriving on campus, Iffa noticed a lack of space in which students could engage with each other to discuss a wide range of topics. She founded Association of Diversity and Unity, an organization that aims to generate dialogue and raise awareness on diversity issues.

“I work hard to create a neutral forum for students to come together and to create inclusive spaces that allow students to dialogue about what inspires them,” she said.

Her efforts have increased lines of communication between the leaders of student organizations and helped to raise awareness of the value of open dialogue.

“Iffa’s energy is contagious,” said Kris Day, director of student activities. “Through her positive energy and attitude, she is making real change on campus and fostering an environment that is more inclusive and welcoming.”

Iffa believes that developing the association helped strengthen her ties to the University. “Creating the organization has shaped my commitment to UM-Dearborn and helped me become more educated about the students I work with every day,” she said.

That commitment has been on display by her involvement with the Development Summer Internship Program and the Student Philanthropy Council. Through these organizations, she hopes to leave a positive impact for generations of students to come, helping to create future difference makers.

“Her passion for leaving a positive impact becomes increasingly evident through her thoughtful suggestions,” said Kristin McDonough, development coordinator. “She understands and believes in the power of philanthropy and does all she can to share that knowledge and passion with her fellow students so that they can each make a difference on our campus and in our world.”