Ivory Hodges

Achieving Financial Prosperity


Many Detroiters are struggling with debt and financial anxiety every day. Ivory Hodges is helping others achieve financial prosperity and positively impacting his community as part of the professional partnership he’s established with his brother and best friend, Michael Hodges.

With the creation of Financial Empowerment, a business idea developed in the summer of 2009, Ivory has helped nearly 100 clients take control of their financial future. “We provide hope and direction that will urge people to take control of their financial life so they can live completely debt free, build wealth and give generously,” he says.

A participant of UM-Dearborn’s Blueprints, the student activities office’s leadership program, Ivory engaged in learning experiences that developed his leadership skills and his understanding of what it takes to become successful. “It’s not always easy facing my weaknesses along with building my core strengths but Amy has been critical in my development process,” he says. “Amy has always encouraged me to go one step higher. Her leadership has inspired me to do even more for my community.”

During his time at UM-Dearborn, Ivory worked with some of the brightest students on various research assignments, including a group project for Bridging Communities, a non-profit organization that improves areas in southwest Detroit, that utilized real-world experiences to enrich his studies. Ivory’s academic internship at the United States Probation and Pretrial Services, Eastern District of Michigan gave him an exceptional combination of specialized training, knowledge, real-world experience, and professionalism. “These achievements have been eye-opening for me as I continue my path toward success,” he says.