Jamilah Alhashidi

2014 Committed to Helping Others


Helping others.

Jamilah Alhashidi believes that making a difference in one person’s life is just as valuable as helping hundreds. She believes in advocating for those with disabilities.

And, that’s exactly why she’s a Difference Maker.

On campus, she is a leader. Jamilah serves as the president for the Alliance for Disability Awareness, vice president for Autism Speak U and participates in several e-boards.

Jamilah has devoted countless hours to planning fundraisers for numerous organizations, hosting parties for Special Olympics athletes, volunteering at a nursing home and soup kitchens—and the list goes on.

She also continues to advocate for awareness campaigns, including “Erase the R-Word.”

“I am so passionate about disability awareness,” she said. “It makes my day knowing I was able to raise money or awareness for great organizations such as the Jo Brighton Project or Special Olympics Michigan.”

Her passion is obvious to those around her, too.

“This young lady has a magnanimous personality that is both endearing and inspiring,” said Amy Karaban, assistant director for civic engagement. “She really makes a difference for others.”

Somehow Jamilah finds time for an off-campus job and also works in the Office for Student Engagement, where she helps ensure student organizations have everything they need. Students often rely on her in a way they would a full-time staff member.

“I am always happy to answer any questions a student may have. It’s wonderful to see students establishing groups they have a passion for that help to enhance student life,” she said.

Of course, Jamilah is just getting started. Her future plans don’t come as a surprise—she hopes to become a doctor and plans to participate in the “Doctors Without Borders” and inner city healthcare programs.

“I want to practice medicine in cities such as Detroit where many people are economically disadvantaged and don’t have money to receive basic healthcare,” she said. “This is why it is my dream to help people by being a doctor and I will never stop reaching for that dream.”