Jennifer Drake

A Second Chance


“Essentially, I believe a situation can always improve,” said Jennifer Drake. It’s a statement the University of Michigan-Dearborn junior can attest to firsthand. After a 12-year break from schooling, the wife and mother of two returned to UM-Dearborn to complete her degree.

Now, Jennifer is earning straight A’s and helping other women with a desire to return to college by volunteering in the Women’s Resource Center’s Transitions Mentorship Program. Her willingness to help those around her makes her a true “Difference Maker.”

“I have been in difficult situations in life and have had to figure my way out,” she said. “I am always grateful when someone is there to listen, and I try to be that person as much as possible.”

Jennifer also has a passion for financial literacy and a vision for helping others live debt-free. Her dream job includes teaching financial wellness to families and individuals.

Her interests led her to develop a financial education program for the social work agency, in which she completed her internship. She hopes to expand the program this summer to include courses for youth and teens.

“Jennifer epitomizes everything I would hope for a returning student,” said Lee Savage, program liaison for the Women’s Resource Center. “She has taken her academics seriously and excelled, and she has taken advantage of the opportunities the University offers, and then has used what she gained to assist others.”