Joelle Primeau

Opening the Doors of Opportunity for Others


Joelle Primeau thinks everyone should have the opportunity to obtain a good education. “A decent education,” she believes, “can help open doors for people.” Instead of just talking about the issue of making a good education a reality for all, Joelle has taken action. She volunteered her time to UM-Dearborn’s On The Move: College is an Option Event, and was an active member of the Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL) Program. The WILL Program, she says, was particularly meaningful to her, since it "allows members to reach out to the community to help others realize the opportunities for education."

Joelle credits UM-Dearborn with providing the learning opportunities that have instilled in her a desire “to reach out to others and let them know that education is possible for them.” Her academic record suggests she has made the most of these opportunities. She earned high enough grades to make the Dean’s List, be named a James B. Angell Scholar, and to receive University Honors. And in 2008, she was inducted in the Golden Key International Honour Society.