Julius Porter

2013 Leading By Example


Leading on and off the court.

That’s what Julius Porter does every day as he strives to get fellow teammates and students involved on campus. And, that’s exactly what makes him a Difference Maker.

“He has taught his teammates the importance of being their best on every occasion,” said John Mackson, head coach of UM-Dearborn’s men’s basketball team. “He has shown them how to carry themselves in success and in failure.”

As the director of member relations for Beta Alpha Psi, Julius continues to work towards his personal goal of “campus unity.” He helped organize the first “Holiday Bash,” a social event that brought campus athletes together.

He’s even forming a committee that will allow them to network regularly and work together to raise awareness for athletics.

“This would be a way that athletes’ voices get heard collectively, as well as provide them with opportunities to represent the entire school,” he said.

Not only is Julius dedicated to UM-Dearborn, he’s passionate about the community around him and volunteers his time at the Hope of Detroit Academy where he teaches middle school students how to play basketball.

What’s next for Julius? No surprise here—his dream is to be the finance controller for a professional sports team, or perhaps a career in wealth management.

Whatever he decides, he’ll continue to lead by example.

“By always keeping a positive attitude and strong work ethic, I believe in setting a positive example for those who will have similar paths,” he said. “Goals can be accomplished, even when times get tough. The strong survive.”