Kenneth Yesh

2016 Engineering A Legacy


It doesn’t take years to build a legacy.

UM-Dearborn sophomore Ken Yesh is living proof of that.

He’s the president of the Intelligent Systems Club, and co-founder and vice president of the Creative Computing Club. He also is a leader for the Formula SAE team and works as a teaching assistant for freshmen classes.

“He has created and enhance numerous ‘outside of the classroom’ learning opportunities within the College of Engineering and Computer Science,” said Jung Koral, transfer and international student advisor. “In brief, his passion and enthusiasm for his chosen field has added considerably to the co-curricular education of many students within the college.”

Ken knows that UM-Dearborn was the right choice for him and show others why it may be right for them.

“I think it’s important to get involved on campus and help out wherever I can,” Ken said. “UM-Dearborn has meant a lot to me. There are so many things to do and get involved with on campus that I do not for one moment regret my choice to attend school here.”

Dreaming big is something Ken learned from a young age.

“I was raised by my father, who was a single parent,” Ken said. “From a very early age he inspired me to follow my dreams and supported all of my efforts. Some students complain about living at home, where as my father constantly encourages me to spend time getting involved on campus and continues to be there for me.”

Ken enjoys working with technology because he sees it as a way to make a better world for himself and others.

“My dream career is to start my own company someday,” Ken said. “This company would embody my idea to help others and improve the world around us. That’s what making a difference truly is.”