Kirit Patel

Helping Others Realize Their Full Potential


Kirit Patel believes that knowledge is something to be shared and given freely. This belief has led him to many interesting opportunities and allowed him to be an inspiring leader at UM-Dearborn. He has served as the president of both the Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society) and Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society), and acted as the vice-president for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He has been dedicated to tutoring students on how to become better programmers and engineers by starting seminars on C++ and rebooting the tutoring services of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Due to his expertise, Kirit was even asked to substitute for a week in two programming classes when the professor was unavailable.

“My goal is to help students realize their full potential, my reward is seeing the joy when someone understands a new concept or when I am able to help them with their problem,” he explains. In addition to his many activities at UM-Dearborn, Kirit also completed a 12-month internship with Intel in Hillsboro, OR.