Krystle Beseler

Contributing to Community Life


For Krystle Beseler, community involvement is simply a way of life. She’s been active on campus and in the community throughout her years at UM-Dearborn, and impacts fellow students each day through her “quiet activism and caring”.

She has been involved in two of the campus’s Alternative Spring Breaks, to South Carolina and Chicago. She spends most of her free time, however, in the local community, where she serves regularly in soup kitchens and visits the homeless in Cass Corridor.

“Each weekend Krystle seems to be involved in some type of community outreach,” says Britta Roan, senior career counselor at UM-Dearborn. “She does this in a very quiet, unassuming way. For Krystle this is a way of life.”

She has also been active on campus as vice president of the leadership team for the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, where it is her responsibility to build relationships with other campus groups, campus administration and fellow students. In the past, she served as business manager for The Michigan Journal.

Krystle worked in the Career Services Office, where she was the lead student employee. She says that through the position, “I learned even more about how to conduct myself professionally and the importance of (having) the appropriate resources when I begin to seek an internship for myself.”


"I am most grateful of my involvement with both Beta Alpha Psi and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Both of these student organizations allow me to express myself and to help others. I benefit from the opportunity to better my own character while helping others through advice, service, and donations of time, money, and goods. These two groups have allowed me to become a better person, which is the one thing in which I take the most pride. "