Laura Neme

Influencing the Next Generation


Laura Neme arrived at UM-Dearborn as a freshman student with sophomore status due to earning college credits in high school, an early indication this hard-working young woman would make a difference in the lives of others.

Whether she was attending Student Government meetings, leading the pre-law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta as its president, or serving as a facilitator and advisee to young students via the United Way of Southeastern Michigan and New Detroit-The Coalition, Laura's influencing the next generation of leaders.

She was selected from thousands of the brightest in the nation to volunteer as a White House intern, where she brought a high level of professionalism and diligence to her work while serving beside students from Yale and Harvard universities.

“It was in that moment that I realized that I could achieve all my goals,” she says. “The experience was rewarding and influential to my life goals. I came back with a new confidence level and outlook on my abilities.”

Laura’s prominent internship is but one example of how UM-Dearborn provided her with the knowledge and real-life skills to succeed upon graduation as a lawyer who advocates for those in need.

“To see that my efforts not only make a difference to those people affected, but also that it encourages others to take on a difference maker role allows me to understand that my efforts are ultimately enhancing the lives of our entire society,” she says.