Leeann Drees

Sowing the Seeds of Positive Change


Throughout her college career, Leeann Drees has dedicated herself to work promoting social justice both on- and off- campus. At UM-Dearborn, she has been a leader of Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL), organizing events ranging from clothing drives to film festivals. She has been recognized as the 2010 Honors Scholar by both the Anthropology and Women's and Gender Studies departments and consistently made the Dean's List. Off-campus, Leeann has been involved in environmental sustainability groups with an emphasis on local economic and food security. She has volunteered for Detroit Evolution, Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit, and Planned Parenthood. She recently traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer on an organic farm.

Leeann has always believed it is imperative to expand her learning beyond the classroom and involve herself in the creation of a better world. “Living in the Detroit area blesses us all with plentiful opportunities to create positive change, and I hope to continue doing just that at UM-Dearborn and in the future,” she explains.