Liala Sobh

2014 Committed to Equality


Liala Sobh believes every person deserves to be treated equally.

And she works everyday to make sure it becomes a reality. Her commitment to inclusion and diversity on campus is prevalent in everything she does.

“Liala has been a champion for human rights issues, especially LGBTQ issues,” said Amy Karaban, assistant director for CIViC engagement. “Participating in initiatives with Pride, with the InCLUDE and elsewhere, Liala has demonstrated a commitment to her belief that all people deserve equal treatment.”

Liala continues to prove she’s a UM-Dearborn “Difference Maker,” both on and off campus. She has helped organize numerous events, including the university’s first “I Am An Ally” day to promote awareness on LGBTQ issues throughout campus.

“I try to make a difference on campus everyday by being inclusive and welcoming of all individuals regardless of their background,” Liala said. “I work towards and believe in equality for all.”

And her commitment doesn’t stop there. One day Liala dreams of starting her own nonprofit one day, where she can with at-risk children.

“A lifelong dream of mine would be to own and run my own community center, where at risk youth can come and avoid being out on the streets and receive free services to help them move forward towards a better life.”