Lina Abid

2014 Commitment to Community


Lina Abid transferred to University of Michigan-Dearborn from Oakland Community College with the intent to make a difference.

It didn’t take her very long. Lina was accepted into UM-Dearborn’s Blueprints Leadership Program and was able to design a project that helped refugees from Iraq, which she once was herself.

“One of Lina’s greatest accomplishments so far on campus was her Blueprints vision project,” said Amy Karaban, assistant director of CIViC engagement. “She sold bracelets (which she created), among other things, to raise money and awareness for other refugees from Iraq who are struggling financially here in the U.S., with little or no support. Her work netted her nearly $500 in just a few months. Her commitment, passion and absolutely steadfast willingness to support these refugees was recognized by her peers and earned her immediate respect.”

Lina enjoys volunteering in her community. She has participated in numerous service trips, both locally and nationally, during her first few years at UM-Dearborn and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“My most defining moment at University of Michigan-Dearborn was during my participation as a site leader during Alternative Spring Break of 2014,” Lina said. “I returned home with a different perspective on community service. I was able to see firsthand how they had researched the issues in their community and what were the steps they took to start the change. Thus, I decided to take charge and also try to make an immediate change in my community.”

One of Lina’s biggest influences is her mother. While new to the U.S., her mother understood the importance of her children having access to education.

“She has sacrificed her whole life to help provide me with better opportunities,” Lina said of her mother. “Growing up, my mother was a single mom with two children working very hard to make ends meet. My mother’s goal was to put my brother and I through school and motivate us to earn a higher education. Without her, I could have not had the opportunity to come to the United States or attend University of Michigan-Dearborn. Her strength and motivations drive me to strive high, dream large and work hard to achieve the impossible.”