Lindsay Boardman

Promoting More Sustainable Ways to Live


Throughout all of her pursuits, Lindsay Boardman continuously strives toward creating a better environment and community. She was a co-founder and board of director for the Taylor Farmers' Market, a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, and the UM-Dearborn Urban and Regional Studies Club. Through her work with the Taylor Farmers’ Market, Lindsay helped promote sustainable agriculture and the growth of local businesses and farmers. In 2009, she worked in conjunction with UM-Dearborn, the Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit, and surrounding communities to research and identify impediments that prevent fair housing practices in the Detroit area.

In addition to her volunteer experiences, Lindsay has served as a city planner intern for the City of Taylor and participated in land use policy changes and adoptions. She explains her active involvement as “UM-Dearborn has given me the confidence and tools that I need to make a difference in the community by promoting a healthier lifestyle and limiting the affects of globalization on a local scale.”