Lizzy Clyne

2015 Star Student


When it comes to anything scientific, Elisabeth "Lizzy" Clyne has a method: Explore it all.

The physics major, who is minoring in astronomy, geology and environmental science, worked at NASA for a Jet Propulsion Lab internship, cofounded the UM-Dearborn Astronomy Club, and mentors fellow college students in physics and astronomy.

“I have a diverse educational background in the sciences," she said. "I understand the connections between different disciplines of science.”

Lizzy has reached for the stars on campus, but still remains grounded in her educational mission.

“I try to interest high school students in our astronomy program by hosting the Science Olympiad's astronomy event in the observatory on campus,” Lizzy said. In addition, she works to engage the public with the campus’ Environmental Interpretive Center. “I lead grade school and general public groups on educational tours.”

Lizzy said she’s researching graduate schools, and thanks her professors and campus-related experiences in guiding her in the right direction post-graduation. She wants to be a geophysicist and work as a professor at a research university.

She specifically credits professor Orin Gelderloos for his Environmental Concepts course, astronomy faculty William Clarkson and Carrie Swift for offering research, conference and internship opportunities, and geology professors Kent Murray and Jacob Napieralski for their fieldwork classes and helping with the graduate school process.

“I hope to lead many field courses at the university level and take students all over the world to study geology. I also want to do a lot of teaching, both as a professor and informally in the field for the public and grade school kids,” Lizzy said. “I want to improve people’s lives by doing research with strong field components on either climate change or natural hazards.”