Lynnea Harabedian

The Thriving Teacher


When others thought Lynnea Harabedian would never make it in the “real world,” she is showing that she can thrive – and help those around her thrive too.

Lynnea has a passion for helping people with have disabilities, teaching them how to cope and sharing strategies on how to survive on their own.

As she explains, coping is a topic she knows well. “My academic achievements result from my perseverance, despite my learning disabilities,” she said. “To make learning easier for the next generation, I develop potential lesson plans and techniques from my own struggles as a student.”

“Miss Lynnea,” as her students call her, has worked with young children and teenagers with autism for 10 years. She also works with patients with traumatic brain injury and is a student worker for Counseling and Disability Services.

Her dream career is to be a teacher at Burger School for Autism.

“I feel so much reward when I witness students’ accomplishments after several months of working with them on specific tasks,” she said. “I cannot help but smile when I hear the students or their families tell people, ‘Miss Lynnea helped me.’”

In addition to her work with students, Lynnea volunteers on campus and throughout the community. She teaches for Junior Achievement, helps plan Allen Park’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and participates in Detroit Youth Day and UM-Dearborn’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.

“She has made significant contributions and is very dedicated to becoming a future special education teacher,” said David Schroat, director of counseling and disability services. “She exemplifies community involvement and dedication to helping others.”