Mark Bajor

Driven to Succeed


Mark Bajor dreams of life in the fast lane.

The mechanical engineering student can see himself working for a fast-paced powersports or automotive company, testing snowmobiles or off-road vehicles.

Mark already has a wealth of experience designing, building and testing sports cars and off-road vehicles. He has served as captain of the University’s Baja team and is current president of the Formula SAE team.

While he enjoys the thrill of the competition these activities bring, Mark sees the experiences as a chance to connect with others.

“Leading the team to a victory is a great challenge,” he said. “But I took this challenge as an opportunity to rebuild the team and pass down engineering knowledge to new members, so they, too, can one day make a difference in the UM-Dearborn community.”

Mark leads the way in making an impact on the community. He has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, United Way and Meals on Wheels, tutors local high school students and speaks to students about how hard work and dedication leads to growth.

His own hard work seems to be paying off. With internships at Ford Motor Co. and Cummins & Polaris Industries, undergraduate research opportunities with the College of Engineering and Computer Science and leadership training through the Emerging Leaders Program, Mark is on the fast track to life in the fast lane.

Anthony DeLaRosa, director of CECS Engineering Cooperative Education Program, agrees. “Mark is at the forefront of a bright career that will involve the resurgence of Michigan. He embodies the qualities of a difference maker: integrity, leadership, academic achievement and creativity.”