Mehdy Haidar

2014 Researching for a Cause


Mehdy Haidar is the definition of a scholar.

He never wants stop learning and even asks professors to stay late so he can dive deeper into a project after a lab session is over.

“I’ve gotten to know Mehdy very well, having served as his instructor, advisor, supervisor, and general mentor,” said Mark DeCamp, associate professor of chemistry. “He’s an unusually mature young man with fine interpersonal skills. He is easily one of the top students I have known in my 35-plus years at UM-Dearborn.”

Helping his classmates succeed at UM-Dearborn in order to achieve their dreams is important to Mehdy, so he serves as a supplemental instructor (SI).

“I have always gone above and beyond what was necessary to help faculty members and my fellow classmates on or off campus,” Mehdy said. “I have devoted countless hours to helping students understand lecture material as a supplemental instructor, student mentor and volunteer tutor. I also help students stay on track as they pursue their dreams in the field of medicine as president of the MCAT Club.”

Mehdy understands that everything in his career must be earned and nothing will be handed to him. And he wants to earn respect and a great reputation for helping others.

“One day I want to be a medical specialist that patients love coming to and expect the best results from because they believe that I can deliver just that,” Mehdy said. “At the same time, I want to be the person that pulls the homeless off the streets and helps them get back on track with their lives. My dream career involves many things and my passion for helping others is what will drive me to attain it.”