Mohamad Hariri

2014 Leading with Passion


Leadership is not a title.

It’s a blend of character and passion.

Mohamad Hariri understands that and has utilized the resources at University of Michigan-Dearborn to become a leader.

Mohamad gained two years of co-op and internship experience at General Electric with help from the university. He also joined organizations, like the Society of Women Engineers and Eta Kappa Nu, to build on his leadership skills.

“I was challenged to make a difference and be different,” said Mohamad, who is pursuing a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Mohamad’s desire to face those challenges earned him a spot on this year’s list of “Difference Makers.”

But through all of the professional development, Mohamad is most appreciative of the university’s encouragement to give back.

“I learned how much giving back is important and that is why I volunteer my time and energy to help others have a brighter future,” said Mohamad, who serves as a Chrysler Institute of Engineering professional trainee. “I am always on campus recruiting and building bridges of communication between Chrysler Group LLC and the university to make sure I am doing my part of giving back.”

One occasion that stands out to Mohamad is when he participated in UM-Dearborn’s Engineering Career Night, where he shared his engineering experience with incoming students and their parents.

“This moment made me realize how much I was able to do during my studies at University of Michigan-Dearborn, and how much I want to go back and do more,” he said. “It is important to highlight that University of Michigan-Dearborn doesn’t only provide excellent academic education. The staff and faculty will make sure to provide all opportunities, tools and resources for students to achieve their own goals. I believe I am an example of how University of Michigan-Dearborn grooms leaders of the future.”

Anthony DeLaRosa agrees.

“Mohamad is a student making a difference today and one who will continue to impact his community in the future,” said DeLaRosa, director of UM-Dearborn’s engineering co-op program. “He is a contributor and participator who enthusiastically volunteers his time and energy on campus and in the community.”