Nada Shatila

Advocating for Human Rights


Having worked with Amnesty International on campus for four years, Nada Shatila has strived, along with her fellow executive board members, to make national and global differences through advocacy of human rights violations to the campus and media. Having been vice president, Nada played a key role in helping UM-Dearborn’s Amnesty group win Outstanding Student Organization and Outstanding Student Program awards from the campus, as well as being named the Outstanding Student Branch in the Midwestern region for two years running.

She believes that positive, immediate differences can be made in the community with civic engagement and volunteer events. Nada helped coordinate the meticulously planned Amnesty UM-Dearborn’s Children’s Rights Exhibit, which attracted an estimated 600 people on campus who took part in learning about human rights violations and signing petitions to prevent them. “I realized just what a difference a few dedicated students could make in a short time, and the merits of hard work and determination in facilitating change,” she says.

Nada’s achievements include real-life experiences of making a difference in the community through academic internships, like working for state Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Southwest Detroit's 12th District, as well as assisting the Immigration Department of the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services. “Both experiences were invaluable and taught me firsthand how the law can be use to make a difference and benefit others beyond its technical implications,” she says.

Profs. Nancy Kursman and Megan Moore have greatly supported Nada, influencing her academic and professional life. “These two people have always been there for me and have believed in me and my abilities, which has ultimately inspired me to be the best I can be.”