Nadia Khalyleh

Committed to the Cause


Fighting for what you believe in.

It’s what Nadia Khalyleh does every day to make what she believes in a reality. She believes in creating an inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

She is a leader in advocating for the cause.

On campus, Nadia serves as the vice president for the Alliance for Disability Awareness (ADA) and secretary for Autism Speaks U. She is also the vice president for UM-Dearborn’s Beta Alpha Psi chapter where she leads their service committee.

Nadia also dedicates her time to volunteering for numerous organizations. She has volunteered with the Dearborn Special Olympics since she was in middle school and even helped organize the ADA’s signature dinner event in 2012. She spends time doing taxes for low-income families.

Judith Walker, disability services coordinator, has witnessed Nadia’s dedication to helping others first hand.

“I have found Nadia to be a very hard worker, committed to helping those in need and always willing to go out of her way despite the amount of time and effort it takes her to accomplish the goals she has set for herself,” Walker said.

Nadia says her experiences at UM-Dearborn helped make her the leader she is today.

“It has been an amazing journey and I have been growing since my first semester,” she said. “I have become a more social, strong, smart and independent person because of the resources and support here.”