Phil Dean

Leading by Example


Phil Dean's regarded around campus as a natural leader. He's been president of the Information Technology Management Club, which earned a Distinguished Chapter Award at the International Conference on Information Systems. Under his leadership, the ITM Club has held several community service outreach projects, including a fundraising drive for the USO Operation Phone Home, which provides service men and women with calling cards so they can contact friends and family. He has been heavily involved in the College of Business’s Professional Development Week, and has been a team leader on the campus’s Alternative Spring Break. During the school’s annual MLK day of Service, he also stepped forward to be a team leader. Faculty members describe him as a person who is always ready and willing to lend a hand. It’s no surprise that he was given the Heart and Soul Award by Michigan Campus Compact for outstanding student service.

His long-term goal is to be a successful business person, and to make the world a better place. He cited as a role model Nikka Landau, leader of the Community Involvement and Volunteerism Center, for her dedication to the Detroit community.

Says Nikka, “On top of encouraging other students to serve, Phil was terrific to work with because of his commitment to service and his excellent communication and organizational skills.”


"My goal in life is to provide service to others and to leave the world a better place. The best feeling comes from seeing someone make a difference by helping others in need. Seeing people lack the bare necessities in life makes me push ahead with all of my heart in service."