Raymond Lynem

2015 Caring for Community Health


Raymond Lynem has a strong passion for promoting a safe and health community. Being a health policy studies major, Raymond understands firsthand the importance of educating the community on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“I am a difference maker because of my commitment to change in the surrounding community,” Raymond said. “Hard work and dedication are what helps to determine the success of each individual, and those are two qualities that I possess. I am consistently exposed to a variety of people, places and things that all inspire me to make the world a better place.”

During his time at UM-Dearborn, Raymond has promoted a healthier campus through the Public Health Student Society, which strives to serve the campus’ public health needs.

“As a leader within the Public Health Student Society, my goal is to help promote and increase the health of the campus as a whole,” Raymond said. “The mission of our organization is to serve the needs of the student/faculty body through public health measures. One example of this is the Health Care Expo that took place this past fall semester. During the expo, we were able to serve over 900 students, faculty and community members with health screenings, vaccinations and other tests.”

His leadership contributed to the expo’s great success.

“Our attendance at this year’s expo nearly doubled the number we had in 2012, and that is thanks to the innovative ideas that Ray was able to bring to the table, ”said Larry Radine, faculty adviser to the Public Health Student Society.

Raymond has his sights set on the future, but understands that what he wants will take both time and hard work.

“My dream career is to become director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” Raymond said. “The ability to have such a profound impact on the health of the nation would be an incredible experience and responsibility. My most important mission is to promote justice and equality within the health care system by increasing access to care for all people.”