Rebecca Parten

Changing Perceptions of the Disabled


As a student at UM-Dearborn, Rebecca Parten has had a profound influence on how her community perceives people with disabilities. Through creating the Alliance for Disability Awareness, and making the organization as effective as it can be, she has helped challenge misperceptions about disabilities and helped foster new, positive attitudes. “I am very glad that I formed the group,” she says, “because I know...we have had an impact on the UM-Dearborn community.”

Among a number of other activities, Rebecca organized “The Power of Scars: A Night with Ward Foley,” an event attended by about 80 people. She also lent her skills and experiences to the Dearborn Commission on Disability Concerns, and to, an online support group for families affected by Arthrogryposis (a rare congenital disorder characterized by joint deformities and neuromuscular dysfunction).

Academically, Rebecca has also enjoyed great success. In addition to receiving three scholarships, she has made the Dean’s List three times and achieved University Honors twice.