Rebecca Richardson

2017 SOARing Leader


Rebecca Richards exemplifies leadership.

As a non-traditional student in the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Student Outreach and Academic Resources (SOAR), she is focused on creating a positive, supportive network for non-traditional students on campus and addressing women’s issues on campus and in the community.

“Becky Richardson is an excellent, motivated student, but more than that, she is truly engaged with her college career,” said Georgina Hickey, chair of the Department of Social Sciences. “She wants all she can get from this experience and that means she embraces new experiences, takes advantage of the wealth of opportunities that come her way, and has a deep commitment to helping others who are traveling along a similar path.”

As co-founder and vice president of the university’s Association of Non-Traditional Students at (ANTS), she has worked to identify and reach non-traditional students on campus, implemented workshops and events to engage students and expose them to resources available and have created a support network through Facebook and emailed newsletters.

Through her membership in Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL), she has worked on women’s issues on campus and in the community, volunteering with Vista Maria and mentoring at Huron Valley Correctional Facility for Women.

Rebecca is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, attended the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and presented a poster at the National Women’s Studies Association conference. Rebecca also was responsible for organizing a leadership series on campus.

Her dream is to implement a full-time, non-traditional student resource center at the UM-Dearborn to help recruit and retain students.